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My browser has blocked a pop-up page from the ArkDB website, how can I configure my browser to display such pages ?

IE, Firefox, and other browser types, all have their own specfic means of allowing or blocking "pop-ups" according to a user's own criteria.The best way to determine how to allow pop-ups specifically for the ArkDB, or any other website, is to use the 'Help' button at the top of the browser and type 'pop ups' into the 'Search' window. The browser's Help section on this topic, indicates what simple steps to follow to permit browser pop-ups.

Are there any on-line tutorials which help to explain how to use the application ?

There are two tutorials which describe the selection criteria for map drawing in ArkDB. The first describes the conventional selection route, the second focuses on the more map-centric "simple maps" route. There is also user documentation for ArkMAP ArkDB's downloadable Map Drawing Application which can display maps retrieved from ArkDB and Ensembl.

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