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Currently all Mapping Data stored in the ArkDB system is available to any user, but entry of Mapping Data for GridQTL studies etc. is only available for registered users. Any data entered will be accredited to that user within the system.

Registration requires the user to provide a password and valid email address and contact details. These are stored by the database but only available to system administrators. Registration for this web application is open to any user wishing to store genetic mapping information and is separate to registration for using GridQTL.

Please also note, that in common with many websites with dynamically generated content JavaScript must be enabled for the proper display, navigation and entry of data.

Use of Cookies

Use of the ArkDB/GridQTL web application requires us to set a temporary session cookie on your browser which is used by the application to maintain a connection with you. This cookie does not store personal information about you.

When logging in to ArkDB/GridQTL as a registered user we will ask you if you want us to set a user identification cookie on your browser. This is simply a convenience for you which will automatically fill in your user name when you return to this page. This cookie only stores your user name.

To prevent unauthorized users from using your login details we discourage you from using simple browser settings to remember your ArkDB/GridQTL password.