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Current inmates

Andy Law
Head of Bioinformatics - Roslin Institute. Project lead, chief cajoler, major irritant to the rest of the team.
Trevor Paterson
Senior Post-doc. Responsible for the ArkDB Web Services, ArkMAP version 2 and the Web Start architecture, JEnsembl (our Ensembl Java API, now integrated into ArkMAP) and the ArkDB/GridQTL application.

Former combatants

Chris Mungall
Now at Flybase, Berkeley. Chris was the driving force behind the original ArkDB system and wrote versions 1 and 2 of the Anubis map drawing code.
Jian Hu
The originator of Webintool (the plumbing for the original ArkDB system).
Alan Hillyard
Escaped from the Jackson Lab to infect us with database knowledge. Current whereabouts unknown.
Paul Nelson
Now with Amylin Pharmaceuticals, wrote some prototype java map display code.
Richard Papworth
Developer maintaining the old system and investigating possible technologies for the replacement.
Pauline Ward
Developed JSP pages for the new design.
Paul Martin
Developer on ArkDBII. In charge of Data Access Objects, technical gubbins and initial iBatis evangelism.
Phil Devall
Curator and DBAdmin. Responsible for data cleaning, table design and database maintenance.
Fahad Ifthkar
Developer. Chiefly responsible for the new map drawing code in ArkMAP.



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